DingDian Introduction

Beijing Ding-DianBaiWei Electronic Technology Limited Company concentrates on telecom and chip-level repairing & maintenance. Founded in 1998, 20 years’ experience and continuous progress have made Ding-Dian a highly-recognised brand in the field.


With the development of information technology, the repairing span of Ding-Dian has been enlarging as well. At present, the span covers power systems, DCN, DDN, PDH, ATM, SDN/SWSM photo-Internet equipment, various data products, IP backbone and terminal telecom systems. We serve a number of industries, such as operators, finance, transport and government. Up till now, we have fixed more than half a million devices have been repaired.


Ding-Dian have a standard repairing workshop of 3,000 metre-squared, a professional electronic technology team and a network engineer team. A combination of these plus an intact management system forms a standardised and efficient repairing procedure and a developed technology environment. We consider quality, efficiency and honesty as the primary objectives. Toward partners, mutual benefits are what we look forward to. Our spirits include “confidence, honesty, concentration and creativity” which motivate Ding-Dianers to reach an aim of becoming a top telecom chip-level repairing company in China and all over the world.


Ding-Dian has been awarded as certified repairing centres by a number of famous domestic and international telecom device manufacturers. We provide customers with spare part and entire device repairing service, as well as yearly maintenance service.  In addition, we co-operate with proxy suppliers.


With the development of market economics and the increase of customers’ demand, we are obliged to improve ourselves to provide more advanced service with our customers.


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