DingDian Services

Ding-Dian is dedicated to found a top class ‘chip-level’ electronics repairing brand. Based on the principle of accuracy and honesty plus 20 years’ experience, we have developed a complete set of repairing standards and procedures. A great deal of efforts are put into each bit of our work, so that we can achieve the aims of being fast, efficient and accurate in our services.


It usually takes 3 working days for us to provide a preliminary examination report after receiving a fault component. The repairing procedure takes 20 days, including a final examination. Usually, a period of shorter than one month is sufficient for the customer-DingDian-customer repairing cycle. Additionally, we have enormous spare parts with a stable supply chain. In urgent situations, we can send spare parts to customers so that they can use in an emergency.

Repairing Procedure
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Compared with original brand fixing price.

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